Bible Truths: Bible


The Bible is God's Book of instruction for salvation through the faith of Jesus Christ (2Tim.3:15). It was written by holy men of God who were moved by the prophetical anointing of the Holy Spirit  (Heb.1:1; 2Pet.1:20,21). It is, therefore, called the inspired Word of God (2Tim.3:16). The Bible cannot be understood in a worldly manner. The instruction of salvation is communicated to us through the Holy Spirit (1Cor. 2:10-16). Therefore, an unspiritual person can neither understand nor appreciate spiritual things. The Bible is the only infallible guide of divine instruction for man (Rev. 22:6).

The Bible or Scriptures testify about Jesus Christ (Jn. 5:29; Gal.3:8); therefore, it is said that "the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy" (Rev.19:10). The believer is called to read and study the Scriptures (Ps.1:2). The Bible warns against Scripture twisting and against adding to or subtracting from the Scriptures (2Pet.3:16; Rev.22:18,19). 

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